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A Reminder Of What You Get In The Online Course...

Week #1 - Setting The Scene

This week we look at your values and the values you want to pass onto your children, and create a vision for the season you are in as well as the relationship you want to have with your children in the future.

Week #2 - Let's Get Real

In week 2, we look at what's going on in your life right now: what is working and what your challenges are. We also look at where your time is going and create a routine to help you make the most of your time.

Week #3 - Overcoming Obstacles

The lessons this week look at ways to overcome the obstacles and challenges you have already identified, as well as dealing with mummy guilt and how to ask for the help and support you need.

Week #4 - Putting It All Together

In the last week of the course, we bring all the pieces together to create an action plan that you will be able to implement immediately to create the life and relationships that you want as a mum.