It’s Just A Phase (But it’s driving me crazy!)

Hello Mum. I see you. I see your silent scream when your child asks to watch Frozen or Toy Story one more time. And I want to let you know that it’s okay, it’s just a phase.

For a while our home looked like a shrine to Thomas the Tank Engine. And I couldn’t even remember actually buying any Thomas gear. The best wishes of friends and family had bestowed a mountain of train-loving paraphernalia upon our home even though I ultimately disagree with watching a show with characters that consistently ignore and disobey authority.

And let me tell you about our Toy Story phase. It wasn’t just watching the movies, it was the books, doona covers, toys and birthday cakes – we did the whole thing. We even had one Buzz toy that got broken somewhere between infinity and beyond, and my two boys just figured that now it matched the one in the movie. They would take turns, one playing with the figure, one playing with the arm that fell off.

But when I bought a complete set of Toy Story characters for my second son’s birthday and they barely even touched them, I realised that the phase was over*.  We were now stuck permanently in Lego Land (I still can’t figure out which land, though: sometimes we’re in Ninjago, sometimes Lego City or Nexo Knights. My house looks like the movie!)

What can you do? Roll with it

I am here to tell you today that it is just a phase, but while you are going through it, you may go a little crazy. Try and roll with it, though: rewrite words to the songs so that you can motivate your children to get dressed or have a bath and draw out the morals of the movie to teach life lessons (‘Do you really want to be like Thomas and cause confusion and delay?’) Encourage inclusivity in creative play: ‘Yes, Batman can play with Elsa and Iggle Piggle, what are they doing today?’

Just a phase

One of the good things about these ‘phases’ is that they really help us to see what our children love and how we can nurture and grow that interest into a pathway for learning. My boys weren’t ever too involved in trains and cars, for example, but they love blocks and puzzles. So now when they play with Lego, I can get out the wooden blocks and we can create a whole new level of exciting play opportunities!

I want to wish you all the best as you wander the path of the current phase in your household. I’d love to hear what you’re dealing with at the moment – leave a comment below and share a story about how you’re dealing with it!


*Confession: I sold the Toy Story figures on eBay for more than I actually paid in the first place. Remember that character toys often have good resale value if they aren’t too worn. Winning!

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Tanya lives in Canberra with her husband and two sons. She is passionate about helping women to live fulfilled, purposeful lives. She enjoys reading, cooking, craft and creating memorable moments for her family.

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