My Favourite Things: Norwex

Today I want to share with you another one of my favourite things, something that I’ve been using in my house for over a year now: Norwex cleaning cloths. As you might already know from this blog post about housecleaning, I’m not an outstanding housekeeper, and so anything that will make my life a little bit easier is a winner for me!

The top three products that I love are:

  • Window cloth
  • Every day cloth
  • Facecloth


But I also use the kitchen cloths, dryer balls, cleaning paste and dust mitt. (There are lots of other products that I haven’t used from the catalogue, and other people may have different things as their favourites!) I have the oven cleaner, but I generally procrastinate about cleaning my oven, so I haven’t used it enough! 🙂

The reason I love these cloths is that they are so easy: just get them wet and they’ll do the hard work with their special anti-germ properties to provide a hygienic, fast clean. I love being able to clean my mirrors and windows with a quick spray of water, or being able to grab a cloth and quickly and easily wipe down cupboards and doors, and then throw the cloth in the wash. (Drop in this afternoon and you’ll see me in action!)

You can get Norwex through independent distributors (it’s a Direct Sales/Party Plan business), check out more details on their site here. It’s a great idea to have a party so you can see the products in action, and see which ones would help you in your cleaning routine. Plus you get free stuff.

And just in case you need one more bit of encouragement to give it a try, I will tell you that there’s a range of cloths for kids, too…

Tell me, what is your favourite product to help speed up your cleaning? (and don’t say hiring a cleaner… I know you clean up before they arrive!)

Tanya x

PS This is not a sponsored post, I’ve actually purchased these items myself. I just love them and wanted to share how great they are.

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