CoachingI am pleased to offer a number of coaching packages that suit your needs as a mum. If you’re not sure what would be best for you, please arrange a complimentary session with me to chat through what you need!

TAG – Tan’s Accountability Group

Want to get more done in your daily life? You need to set regular goals and have some accountability to help keep you motivated!

TAG is a membership group offering tools, coaching and accountability. Read more about TAG

The Motherhood Map

Do you want to focus on your most important priorities, to feel confident about the choices you are making, and to create an action plan so that you are able to thrive as a mum?

This online course + coaching package will help you create a vision for motherhood that will enable you to feel calm, capable and fulfilled.

Combining self-paced learning with an online community and one-to-one coaching, The Motherhood Map will help you to map out your plan for life and motherhood. Read more details here

Boost Coaching Package

Offering two 60 minute coaching sessions, this package will help you to process the way your life has changed as a mother.

Providing support, implementation tools and follow up, this package will help you get back on track to feel confident and ready to take action. You can book your session here.