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Looking for other Business Mums to share the journey with you?

Being a mum in business can be daunting, exhausting and lonely. But if you can find a tribe of people who share your values and understand the highs and lows, you can find the courage to keep taking steps that will move you forward!

Canberra Biz Mums' club is for women who want to develop in-depth relationships with other mums in business and benefit from the encouragement, support, inspiration and knowledge that grow out of these relationships. We meet together for one two-hour session per month and have a private Facebook group for keeping in touch and to catch up on news and goals for our businesses between meetings.

It's like a mastermind and networking group all rolled into one, with women who share a similar journey to you.

Hi, I'm Tanya and I coordinate the Canberra Biz Mums Club

When I started my own business just 12 months ago, I heard about this type of business networking meeting where women get together month after month to help and encourage one another. And I thought, this is the type of group that I want to belong to! It's an affordable way to be part of a mastermind and accountability group, plus it gets you out of the house and meeting people in a friendly environment. Come along and enjoy the inspiration!

Want more information?

Thanks so much for your interest!

The best way to get more information is to have a chat with me, I'd love to share more about the club!

You can email or send a text to 0430 390 876 with your name and business name, and I'll be in touch.

Or, you can fill out the enquiry form below and I'll contact you as soon as possible.



  • q-iconHow are the monthly meetings run?

    Every month, the meeting runs in a similar format:


    *An in-depth look at one member business

    *Two 15 minute brainstorming sessions

    *A goal-setting and accountability session

    *Referrals and networking.

    Each business has a chance to be featured in the business and brainstorming presentations throughout their membership.

  • q-iconWhat is included in membership?

    Your membership to Biz Mums’ Club includes:

    *Monthly face-to-face meetings

    *A cup of coffee or tea and morning tea

    *A private Facebook group to support and share wins with other club members

    *Industry exclusivity (only one business per industry is in the club at one time)

    *Your business name, hyperlink and description included on the Canberra Biz Mums page of Motivating Mum.

  • q-iconHow much does it cost, and for how long?

    The cost of the club is $150 (incl GST) for 6 months. We ask for a 6 month commitment so that we can get the maximum benefit of travelling together with other mums by building relationships and getting to know each other’s businesses. This works out to be $25 a month, which is a great price for a networking event and the value it will bring to your business!

  • q-iconI still have children at home - can I bring them with me?

    Children are very welcome to come along, we will always strive to have a child-friendly venue for our meetings. Please provide your own drinks, snacks and activities for your child.

  • q-iconCan I drop in to one session to see if it suits me?

    You are welcome to come along to a trial session, the cost for this is $27.50 (incl GST). Please indicate in the sign up form that you’d like a trial session.

  • q-iconWhat if I can't make it to one meeting?

    If you cannot make it to a meeting, please let Tanya know as soon as possible. Missed meetings are not usually refunded, but you are able to send along a friend or relative in your place as long as there is no conflict with industry exclusivity.

  • q-iconMore questions?

    Please give Tanya a call on 0430 390 876 or email

  • q-iconI'm interested! How do I sign up?

    YAY! Click the green button below and fill out the form on the Motivating Mum page. Tanya will be in contact with you to confirm details.


For more information, email or send a text to 0430 390 876 with your name and business name, and I'll be in touch.

Or, you can fill out the enquiry form below and I'll contact you as soon as possible.

Canberra Biz Mums' Club runs as an affiliate group of Motivating Mum.