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There is a lot of advice out there about how to be a great parent.

Some of it fits with your values, your family situation and your available resources of time, money and energy... but some of it doesn't.

What YOU need is some space to think about the type of Mum that YOU WANT to be - not somebody else's idea of perfection.

Hey there! I'm your Bootcamp Coach - Tanya from Coaching Mum

I'm passionate about helping women to fulfil their potential.

When I'm coaching, I don't tell you how to be a mum, I help you discover the type of Mum you want to be, and then support you on the path to fulfilling that vision for your life and family.

During the Bootcamp, I won't have you doing pushups or running sprints. But you will be doing exercises that will help shape your relationships, your work/life/home balance, and the type of future that you picture for yourself.

How the 'Be the Mum Bootcamp' works:

Over five days, we'll go through a bunch of questions and tools that will help you define your vision for the future. We will work out what areas need some adjustment and create some goals and an action plan to help you get started on the next steps.

The BTM Bootcamp is delivered through daily emails starting on Monday 22nd June. Bonus questions, materials and ideas sharing will be happening in the BTM Facebook Group.

If you struggle with guilt about doing things the 'right way', or you feel overwhelmed trying to juggle all the pieces of life/home/work/kids, BTM Bootcamp will help you get clear on who you want to be and what you want to do - and then give you the steps to go out and be the Mum you want to be!


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