Be Kind to Yourself

Be kind to yourself

I saw this post by a friend on Facebook the other day: ‘OK this is a note to future me… take a deep breath, have a cuppa, ask for a hand and just take it day by day.. you can do it’.  It reminded me how important it is to be kind to yourself.

I encourage you today to have a look at how you are talking to yourself – are you being kind, or are you getting stuck on the ‘shoulds’ and ‘haven’ts’? If you were chatting with a friend, would you respond the same way?

At the moment, I am finding myself getting a bit anxious whenever I’m rushing to do errands and meet appointments. One of the ways I cope is to say to myself: “You’re okay, you can do this honey”. I am encouraging myself and speaking words of kindness instead of focusing on the negative.

It’s a good idea to make a list of ways that you can be kind to yourself. These are some ideas from a list that I have written down:

Ways to be kind:

  • Make a cup of tea and sit in the garden
  • Pray or journal
  • Bake
  • Dance with my kids
  • Do something creative
  • Call mum (or a friend)
  • Light a scented candle
  • Buy flowers (for myself or someone else!)

What other things would you write on the list? Feel free to share some ideas!


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Tanya lives in Canberra with her husband and two sons. She is passionate about helping women to live fulfilled, purposeful lives. She enjoys reading, cooking, craft and creating memorable moments for her family.

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