Over the Overwhelm

As much as I love school holidays for their change of pace, freedom from routine and increased spontaneity, I usually end up feeling pretty stressed after taking a few weeks break from ‘normal’. This is because, whether we are travelling or holidaying at home (read ‘catching up on jobs around the house’!), I still have…

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Feel Like Giving Up?

It’s Friday afternoon. My kids are getting to each other and making me crazy. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the week, maybe it’s the wind? (Teachers all say windy days make crazy kids!) I’m tired and trying to get dinner ready. And the words ‘I just want to give up’ just flashed through…

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Sanity Saving Tip: Create Two ‘To-Do’ Lists

Have you ever had the scenario when you sat down to write an email that in your life-before-children would have taken less than five minutes, but with children at home takes at least half an hour with five interruptions – and ends up with you frustrated and stressed out? Brain science shows that when we…

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