CoachingI am pleased to offer a number of coaching packages that suit your needs as a mum. If you’re not sure what would be best for you, please arrange a complimentary session with me to chat through what you need!



New Mum Package $249

Offering two hour-long coaching sessions, this package will help you to process the way your life has changed as a mother. If you are struggling with the transition from a professional working life to motherhood, or are finding it tough to navigate life as a new mum, this package will provide space for you to work through those changes so that you can feel hopeful and well-prepared for your new season! The sessions can be booked at a time that suits you, within 12 months of the package purchase. The price includes some introductory information and email follow up. If you are interested in this package, please contact me.

Thriving Mum Package $695

Do you want to focus on your most important priorities, to feel confident about the choices you are making, and to create an action plan so that you are able to thrive as a mum? This coaching package will help you create a vision for motherhood that will enable you to feel calm, capable and fulfilled. This package provides five sessions over a ten-week period, plus email follow up. More Details.

Coaching Sessions

Want to talk to someone about how you feel about going back to work? Or are you struggling with confidence now that you are a mum? If you have some specific goals that you are working towards, and would like the support and accountability that a coach provides, we can work out a package that will suit your requirements.